Something  has been bothering my conscience I think this is the right time for me to express such arguments. There are some simple arguments I will introduce in this article, but do not be confused, I will carry you along for proper understanding. If at the end,you didn’t  understand, then there is a problem, but if it’s the matter of technicality, understanding will penetrate easily. 

   What comes to your mind when the word equality is being mentioned? As some will say, equality implies a thing or something that is shared without partiality. If that should be the case, can equality find a place in the hearts of mankind? I am not talking from the perspective of gender equality, but I am talking about a normal equality  that will surface within man’s society and the world he lives in. Remember that, the world is a political arena where you must choose who you want to follow either by something or nothing, the middle is too open because you might get crushed. So, where is the place of equality? 

   If equality is to be achieved, then the actual measurement of the world must be provided. Who can measure the world with accuracy? Who is ready to sacrifice his or herself? Yet, man has been clamoring for equality in all ramifications of life,especially women. If equality is real she would have equalized the rich and the poor, despite the existence of equality, things are still things, therefore nothing has changed. Perhaps, if the real meaning of equality is to be put to action,then scenarios like : V.I.P (very important person or people) and V.V.I.P (very very important person or people) should  be demolished totally. Can this be done? 

  Equality tends to appear to be doing her job whereas she is not even in control of herself. She is yet to fulfill her destiny, because it does not make sense when a group of people dictates the regulatory system of equality. Equality must be for all. Truth be told, I have been living in this world for years, I have been expecting the function of  equality, but instability and stability have been at the apex of her nomenclature. Yet, I am challenging equality to come out  from her cage. Where are you? 

  What I am concerned about is,whether equality can be possible in this contemporary society where fighting for  one’s self is a priority. Even within yourself as you are reading this article, ask yourself this question : Do I share or do things without prejudice? If you assume the paradigm of holiness trying to be a Saint, you might be the greatest deceiver of all time. Equality can only be possible if all elders can share things equally with the young ones. Since some elders can’t  commit themselves to the aforementioned statement, then the youths are not the leaders of tomorrow. 

     As a matter of fact, the backgrounds of all things built by man were basically a norm fabricated with inequality. If what I am saying is not making sense, please tell me and I will explain with a context that will be more sensible. But, do not get forget that,in as much as  there are different languages, how do we expect equality to be a daily  thing? Faces are different, traditions and cultures are numerous, religions are incongruous and to  shape the world with equality, is to provoke some battles . Have you not heard what I said priorly :  same death, but different locations. This is strange because equality is even struggling to create a spotlight of enigmatic scenarios. 


 Serious events are coming to rule, by then,you will understand the true meaning of equality. As some would say,”democracy” has it all. Democracy is only a liar structured to give man a partial equality in form of inequality. 

“This is my short expression”

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