I hope we are ready to take everything with good intentions, we have been lamenting soberly with the politics of our nation. We have been exclaiming about the rights of those they have been violated. Well and truly, the essence of power is so obvious, the oppressive thinking won’t be exempted from the hearts of man. We have been dreaming and even agitating for a new era of power which will consider the fundamental rights of the people. But, what really happened to those visions we once had?
   We  have plans that are durable and acceptable but the only thought we are always imagining is to please our motives. Where is the spirit of unity? Where have we kept our love? As a matter of fact, we have been repeating the same mistakes yet, no changes, even our technical abilities are depreciating drastically. We always making an unnecessary noise like a siren whose mission is to disturb people, I doubt if ‘love’ is in existence, I hope she’s not in coma. Where is our destination? What help do we need ?
   Howbeit, we are only complaining to ourselves but can we rescue ourselves without asking for something in return? We pleaded for mercy, they gave us wickedness . We pledged an allegiance to them, they gave us betrayal in return . Who can we trust? Maker or Man? If maker, where can I see him in a physical sensation? If man, I am too familiar with him,and I can’t trust him. Even myself can still be doubted. Who can I trust? Who will I trust?
    “Remember those people you have betrayed before retaliating”

Akinrulie Joshua (BB.PIN 5C3C48B7)

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