It’s part of life to learn in order to grow, but can all be perfect in everything? At times, when Grace is at work kindly note that it’s a fortunate scenario.

In this article I will narrate the story of a lady who cried after been spoken to, although it’s not the first time this incident would occur. Should I say words are painful than beating? Life goes on in accordance with your age, if you miss it, you might not get it right again.

Her story touched me, even my heart is pumping so fast as if my time has come to depart. Nonetheless, she asked me to put this into writing. The next paragraph will be her innate expression.


She said, “am I not trying my best? I have always been doing my best, but can one know everything? When you have all ideas in this world,at times,it becomes vaingloriousness.

I started my life with critical thinking, but it’s so unfortunate that some people want you to think or reason like them with the same acuteness. As a matter of fact, everyone has a role to play and we are meant to help each other, if not, the essence of life is not fulfilled.

Howbeit, I am just a simple and calm individual who thinks about top notch things in order to bring them into reality. What, then, have I done wrong? Although, in life expect people to talk at you aggressively whether it’s for good or bad, but one thing I have noticed in this life is, some elders especially Nigeria would ridicule you, therefore, waiting for you to talk back. Be careful, I know it’s not easy, but the best thing to do is to be quiet. How about that?

Some want their sharpness to be the same as other people, that is, whosoever that is working with them must see things like them . How would a young individual who just gained admission into a tertiary institution think like a professor? Is experience an attachment or it must be gained? Yet,am I not trying my best? It’s not the case that I am trying to eulogise myself, but I know what I have achieved and done. After all, everyone is subjected to make mistakes.

Is it not obvious that disaster is the only option? Now I feel what a suicider always go through before taking his or her life. However, this is not to say that suicide is good.

When suicide becomes an option, one’s heart would be dejected it would be as if the world should end and move to the assumed next life. It has become a normalcy to be frustrated, but it depends on the way you want to handle it.

In addition, don’t transfer your anger on anybody, learn how to quench that before interacting with anyone. For this has made some people to lose authentic friends in the stride of life. Life has taught me a lot, especially the society and what I see. At times, I avert things before it happens to me, once again, when disaster becomes an option, what would you do?

Would you be carried away by the words of some people who are consistent with the use of satire or you would retire totally? Disaster should never be the option.

Another phase of life is, knowing how to talk. This particular expression is very important, if you know you can’t control your anger or you a problem with self control. I would suggest you talkless and embrace the law of minding your business. The disaster of not knowing how to talk should never occur. Knowing how to talk ignites the power of trust which is very scarce in this world

In a nutshell, I have discussed about anger, sharpness, knowing how to talk, respect for elders, suicide and trust. How I wish I could continue with these my random thoughts, but if there is need for me to speak about ‘when disaster becomes an option’ again I shall contact Opeyemi Akinrulie.

Finally, disaster isn’t an option, press the avert button.


Only disaster would make you feel life isn’t interesting. Although at a point in one’s life you feel you aren’t good enough because of those discouraging words that have been launched at you, howbeit, you must remember that your own autarchy is within you.

Someone once asserted “if I die you would miss me.” if you are good, why not, people would lament that a giant has fallen as they would be sad. This is not the case for a troublesome person who scatters the society as if he or she won’t die again. Suddenly, disaster appeared, this time, it became an option. What would be his or her action?

The wind came, earthquake joined and fire was so happy to finish the business. But when disaster becomes an option what would you do?

Tell nature not to be natural in her disaster. Hence,the natural disaster.

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