“READ , STUDY , THINK DEEPLY ”            


    Which part will I choose ? Which path should I follow ? I am not confused but thoughts are always appealing to something,  if not, destiny will be useless . ”  Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua . 

   What will I do ? Should I stop talking ? I was told that destiny can not be changed and if truly destiny is at work I can deduce that what I am writing is as a result of my destiny which has been foreordained. If I can not move beyond my destiny  , why can’t  destiny show me my destination?  If I am wicked , can this be as a result of my destiny ? If I am good , can this be as a result of my destiny ? This concept of destiny is applicable to mankind . Some people have argued that there is a reason for everything in life yet what we can do is to acknowledge or blame “destiny ” for all occurrences . If the purpose of life is to fulfill some purposes then the purpose must be accomplished with happiness , or do you want to end with sadness ? Are we not seeking happiness ? What destiny dictates in a man’s life is enormous , no wonder you will see some people at the same spot everyday but also agitating to live large like others , despite their workaholism they could not get to the  land  of fruition . If destiny opines “fortune and misfortune ” , what is your part ? 

        There are mountains you can climb but I can’t climb . The same thing goes to you in a vice versa condition . You might say it is hardwork and consistency but it is very essential to note that , we do not know the next agenda of destiny . Destiny is not now,  it is something that is yet to be fulfilled whether  good or bad . What I am battling with as I am writing is whether destiny can be changed  , I know you might want to appeal to an authority but this won’t be a strong criterion of knowing the actuality of destiny. What is your own destiny ? There are times some people would have planned how their future will be but it is not the case that they have not planned sensibly . It is the case that , destiny works within the context of beyond . How about the disabled ? How about  the poor ? How about  the sicklers ? How about the rich ? Etc. Are they under the concept of destiny ? Destiny do not care about you because the foreordained commandment is very important . What decisions  can you make ? A freedom given in disguise is no freedom at all. It is either death or liberty . Which will you embrace ? 

       I am trying my best not to express much but it is as if I am aggrieved by the concept of destiny . If I had known my destiny I won’t bother myself  because at the end the choice will be mine . Perhaps , if all destinies can be  “good ” then the eternal life will be forgotten . The establishment of eternal life as related to destiny is a method of choosing those who are qualified to have a place in eternity . As a matter fact , those who have been awarded with misfortunes might not have the privilege to fellowship at the after death or life party .  In other words , those with good fortunes will be at the good side . Is it their fault ? Is it my fault or yours ? If hardwork connotes success  then destiny should let it be, not destiny acting in accordance with the foreordained . In order to be simplistic I will explain below: 

  ” Although Mr X has worked hard but he won’t be rewarded because ‘destiny ‘ did not agree with the foreordained about his success, that is, he was not destined to be a success . In the opposite sense , although Mr X only showed little concern but he must be rewarded because  ‘destiny ‘ made it so ”  What is your opinion about this?

    It’s better to work hard because we do not know what ‘ destiny ‘ has planned . I would have loved to express deeply but reading might not be easy at times , I guess it’s destiny . Willy-nilly , what you have chosen might not be the choice of your destiny. Hence , destiny is not a choice it has been foreordained . 


 Destiny is man but man is not destiny. See things as if you are not living then the next phase will be actualized without your consent . What is that ? It’s ‘destiny ‘ — Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 


     ”    Read , study , think  deeply”

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