If I knew I would have come to the world as a mind, so that I will have the power to dominate the future with certainty. As a matter of fact, the power given to the mind can’t be diluted. The question we need to ask ourselves is, where is the mind? Where is her location? If the mind has a location, then she would have been captured and corrupted by mankind. What we use to picture and image the future is, the mind, she accommodates all thoughts and activates them, but the problem will come when your thoughts are extremely negative, what do you expect your mind to do? 

  She can’t separate your positive and negative thoughts, but what she does is to actualize what you are thinking. Howbeit, if you control your mind judiciously you will move the unexpected. How? You have to have a belief and believe, these words are common, but their influence in the race of mankind can’t be underestimated. Remember, “as you think it you will become it”. If you think I am lying, then give it a try, because the mind is structured in a way that she doesn’t give up so easily, but when you give up, she gives up. When you are determined, she is. When you are down, she is. It is very pertinent to note that, the mind succumbs to your wishes. 

  Furthermore, if X is rich or poor some will say, it’s destiny. Can destiny be a dictatorial dominance over the mind? What relationship do they have? If destiny depicts a divine purpose and the mind connotes a realm of actualization, then is it the case that the way X thinks and how he actualizes his thoughts with his mind can be traced to the foreordained? If that should be the case, nobody will be wealthy. What this will mean is, if Y uses his or her mind to visualise his or her possible visions with his or her mind ,then  he or she can’t achieve them, because his or her has been foreordained with abject penury. It may be argued that, if we should rely on destiny in the case of the mind, progress will be a dream without reality. 

 What do you see? What do you think of? Are they possibilities or impossibilities? What books do you read? Remember, you once had a good mind, but when  your eyes saw the other side of life all the visions you have became destroyed because you said, “you can’t jokingly”, then your mind took this statement serious, look at what you have done. A child of light has become a figure of regrettable reference, what a pity. You must never forget this : your mind is your future. Your mind needs to be solidified with good thoughts, if not, your future will be dwindled. As a poetic writer I have tried over these years to keep using my mind to activate what I will be in  few years,  I have a belief and believe it will happen. In addition to this, I have been standing on front of a mirror to proclaim some statements about my future which I won’t say. Let your mind be your future. 

   How do you  tend to progress from that spot when your mind has been infected with a virus? The moment you think it won’t be possible, then you have impeded your future. Remember this, “your mind is like a spirit, and the spirit sees more  than an individual, because your body is a flesh and the spirit might not be able to communicate effectively as regards what she’s seeing about your future to her. But when you activate your mind with positivity, it gives the mind the ability to create a future for you. If  you have a belief and you believe, you will do it. You were created into this world not with an emblem of poverty or an omen of wealth, but which path and part have you chosen? Positivity should not be a guest nor a visit, it should be a daily manner. Perhaps, your mind is your future. 
    At this point there is need to make some clarifications as regards the brain, the heart, and the mind. I will call them,the indispensable. If the heart beats at all times, and the brain is in charge of thinking, then the duty of the mind is  to make all thoughts possible. Isn’t it? This is a simple assertion, it’s what we witness everyday. At times you tap your heart therefore saying, “my heart can’t deceive me”,whereas the heart knows nothing about deception she’s only responsible for your functionality. However, it’s not the duty of the brain to accomplish your dreams, but it’s her duty to think judiciously,and the mind is the owner of the prognosticative mission. Am I right or wrong? Think about this. It’s good to always feed your mind with positivity because life is negative, think about how you will  make it right in your own way,because no one cares. 

  The question is, if the mind is the future, does that mean, if X thinks positively at all times definitely he or she will have a good future? In other words, what can be deduced is,  positivity implies a good future. Is that so? How about the background of such an individual? Will this not affect the futuristic image? Let me make this clear : a little doubt will disorganize you, you might think it’s little, but there is much power in your first conception. Mind what you use your mind to do. 

   Only those filled with an imaginary power of the mind will recognize her capabilities. She’s can’t be seen, because she’s always on a motion to assist and render her duties. Why cry when your mind is ready to wipe your tears? How? She won’t activate herself, you must make her dance to your music. At this juncture, I will like full stop to  assist me, so that the audience will not be bored. Always remember, the more you train your mind, the more she expands. Finally your mind is waiting for you, locate her and gear her towards positivity. 


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